Where can I keep fit? What sport to choose? Is Crossfit Thermal a good option to count on?

Today sport plays an essential role in our life. Besides its high importance for health, we can’t deny the social function it performs. If you have decided to try your hands in seriously, don’t miss the chance to visit Crossfit Thermal. But first of all, let’s figure out the particularities of the sporting system itself, then focusing on Philadelphia’s gym.

Crossfit – in brief about meaning

This is considered to be one of the most demanding and energy-intensive forms of fitness. Even its name combines elements from many sports. Choosing this sport direction, you are supposed to forget about monotonous and boring training or repeating the same exercises.
It is a high-intensity training based on a combination of weightlifting, aerobics, bodybuilding, classical gymnastics and strength exercises.
As a rule, a circuit workout lasts about 45 and 60 minutes. It includes several basic series of exercises for different muscle groups, which follow each other in a certain sequence.

What are its basics?

Accuracy, regularity and intensity are the three main principles that must be followed in order to achieve results and goals in a shorter time.
Accuracy is crucial for high-intensity. And that’s why usually training for beginners is led at a more relaxed pace. At first new freshers have to catch how to perform exercises correctly and thus to avoid injuries.
Also, it’s obligatory to attend training regularly, it’s like the half of the battle. The most effective schedule scheme is to visit the gym three or four times in a week.
Intensity cannot be mentioned, because this is the integral part of crossfit itself. As quicklier you repeat a workout, the more effort you make.

Why to choose crossfit

Each of the series that make up a workout has its own function, for instance:

  1. cardio training facilitates fat burning;
  2. gymnastics provides improving of balance and coordination skills;
  3. free weights exercises increase muscle mass and overall endurance;
  4. etc.

The discipline allows you to achieve almost any goal: get rid of excess weight quickly, make your body stronger and more resilient, etc.

Why to mention Crossfit Thermal

There are many reasons to select Crossfit Thermal. For example, while talking about some practical advantages, in the Crossfit Thermal gym you can find:

  • favorable location;
  • new equipment;
  • the variety of professional training tools;
  • a huge area for exercising (the gym is enormous);
  • all the modern conveniences (excellent men’s and women’s changing rooms are included);
  • etc.

Also we provide a programme of training based on the needs and wishes of our members, so there will be no obstacle to achieve your personal goals. Thermal’s coaches are always attentive and ready to give recommendations, help or just chat. Here you will find a lot of like-minded fellows, so it will be a pretty useful experience both for your body and soul.

So can I join Crossfit Thermal now?

For sure, Crossfit Thermal is always open for you. Just contact us, we will tell you what to do next.