Crossfit Thermal – here we make our friendly community together

Nowadays sport plays a crucial role in our daily routine. The numerouses stress situations affect our well-being, as well as sedentary lifestyle. In order to let out negative energy, the best option is to keep fit, for instance, with Crossfit Thermal. However, don’t think we are just a heap of trainers aimed to earn money on our services – the goal is higher. We want to build and develop the real crossfit community, able to promote healthy lifestyle and sport altogether.

Actually, what is crossfit itself?

This is circuit training in which you are supposed to perform a set of exercises as quickly as possible. The training is not only for strength, but also for endurance and flexibility. Therefore, such training is divided into several parts: cardio, athletics and gymnastics.
Another important feature of crossfit is that all exercises are highly functional and have a positive effect on different muscle groups. They include squats, pull-ups, deadlifts, presses, deadlifts and often involve the use of additional equipment, like dumbbells, barbells or barbells.
Usually the crossfit set also includes bodyweight workouts such as jumping jacks, lunges, stretching and cardio such as running, jumping rope, swimming, etc..
While training with this system, you have an opportunity to gain different qualities, for instance, strength and endurance, agility and strength, agility and endurance, etc.

What do basic Crossfit Thermal training include?

Crossfit thermal is oriented on the wishes of our members, so that the training program is elaborated on this basis.
We strive to teach athletes on how to feel their own bodies and their needs as well as how to dig into the discipline. It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are sport experienced or not, our coaches always focus on your personal particularities.
Training system in Crossfit Thermal is graduational, as soon as the athlete catches the scheme and shows good performance (thus is ready to level up), as quickly we apply new exercises and correct a plan of action.
While talking about group principal programming, our coaches are acquainted with the training plan preliminary, in order they can give you reasonable recommendations each time it’s necessary.
Also, one of the general principles is not to break a cycle of training (the rotation is about 6 or 8 weeks). This method allows us to maintain the concept of general physical preparedness (the “ready for anything life can throw at me” ideal) while targeting certain movements with more frequency and variation.

What are the main benefits of crossfit?

The main advantage of crossfit is comprehensive physical exercising. Moreover, the system allows you to lose weight quickly, because in a single workout you burn about 1000 calories. You can achieve the desired effect in a fairly short time, if you also add proper nutrition.

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When you do crossfit, your muscles become hard and toned, and the body becomes more tense, beautiful and slender. At the same time, you become agile, fast and resilient and are proud of yourself after every workout.

How to start training?

Crossfit makes a lot of demands on the whole body, which is why training for beginners seems quite difficult.
To start crossfitting, prepare your body for this type of physical activity in advance. Morning exercises will not be enough, so combine special exercises: push-ups from the floor with your feet, squats with dumbbells, lunges, twists, dumbbell pulls. Perform each exercise 10-15 times in 3-4 approaches, without stopping in a circular workout. It’s obligatory to monitor your well-being and heart rate.
However, you can not waste your free time at home and just come to Crossfit Thermal directly. We will search for the program most suitable for your level.

Why to pay attention to Crossfit Thermal

For sure, you may find plenty of places to start keeping fit, but Crossfit Thermal offers the best conditions for it. Besides well-managed and flexible programs, we combine the variety of exercising with their security. You will never feel the lack of coach support, because it’s the crucial aspect for us. In Crossfit Thermal we are all in one team, one community, so you will surely be surrounded with qualified supporters permanently.
Also the pro is an opportunity to work out side by side with other members all striving for same goal.
And on the contrary of many ordinary gyms we offer stretching, active recovery or even a discussion about the workout after each training session.

What is meant under the Crossfit Thermal community?

To achieve good muscle tone and keep in great shape may sound to be a perfect goal, but it’s not the main thing for us.
Our mission is to create a contagiously healthy community through fun and rewarding workouts, while surrounding our members with positive athletes and dedicated coaches.
Attending Crossfit Thermal club you will meet absolutely diverse fellows: from experienced ex-athletes to sport beginners. This unique blend of members makes our gym become our family.
Here anyone is always ready to help – no-one will be dumped out in the cold. Both coaches and athletes pay special attention to the fellows near. At Crossfit Thermal, we are not business people selling services, but rather like-minded fans sharing our passion. Sport is in our blood, and we’ll be doing it every day, right alongside of you.

So is Crossfit Thermal worth considering?

Of course, it is. Sometimes it’s even impossible to force yourself to start doing sport. It’s much easier to get involved in the atmosphere of like-minded fellows, where everyone has a similar motivation. In addition, here you don’t need to get preoccupied because of the exercising plan – our experts will elaborate a professional scheme, which will be perfectly appropriate exactly for you. Don’t hesitate and join us today.