More valuable than people are only people – Crossfit Thermal

Sport has become an essential part of our daily routine. But when we decide to consider it more deeply the question is stated – where to start? Though you can find many gyms to visit, only Crossfit Thermal will welcome you as an old buddie.

What is crossfit, indeed, about?

The thing to unite Thermal members is, for sure, the so-called sport.
This is a unique and patented functional training system suitable for both men and women, combining elements from various sports such as powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics and weightlifting. Various exercises that develop resistance, strength, flexibility, speed and strength are applied here and usually combined into WOD (workout of the day) complexes.
The workouts of the day are designed as a daily workout, during which several body systems and muscle groups are often engaged. For instance, on the first day your training may be focused on strength exercising with presses, pull-ups and pulls, while the next day the WOD may include aerobic exercises aimed at training the cardiovascular system and developing speed. Also you should mention that crossfit itself is based on repeated rounds systems (that means the WODs are repeated several times).

Crossfit Thermal pays special attention to WOD

As the WODs are something like a golden rule for the crossfit sphere, we pay special attention not only to the proper elaborating of the training program and performance, but to the communication and receiving feedback from our members.
Crossfit Thermal develops a separate blog dedicated to the achievements and experiences of every athlete.
Here we have the opportunity to congratulate you with personal progress. Such an easy to reach and to take part in interaction unites our team with sport buddies and Crossfit Thermal is enormously happy to facilitate this.

The other way to keep in touch – testimonials

Also for us it’s important to hear your own opinion according to the training process, service or anything else, because the communication makes us closer to each other. Crossfit Thermal is not just a good gym to attend, we want to be a big family.
So the facility for club members to express opinions and comment on any changes is brilliant and of the highest importance.

What about real training sessions here?

(to say that they have the opportunity to ask, chat after)
Besides chatting and interacting online we strive to get closer with you during training. It’s not a problem if you have any question or suggestion throughout classes – our coaches are always ready to hear and to help. Actually, it has already become a good tradition to talk about favorite sports topics after well-executed exercising.

So what is the aim of Crossfit Thermal?

As you can see, our Thermal team strives to get as much as possible from doing sports. We dream about building a strong community of like-minded people and we make all the efforts for this.