At CrossFit Thermal, every day will offer something different. But no matter what, it will be a safe and rewarding experience that is both highly structured and tailored to your needs. Each class will begin with a group warm-up and discussion of the day’s workout.

We answer questions about movements and other logistics, then head into our instruction component:

During instruction, we will go through each movement of that day and demonstrate how the movements should be performed.

  • Each member of the class gets a chance to practice the movements, ask questions and work with a coach to make sure the movements are safe and effective for their individual needs. Once everyone is ready, the clock starts and the workout begins.

  • Throughout the workout, you will remain under the watchful eye of our coaching staff. We will keep you true to form to prevent injury and offer encouragement to make sure that you give it 100%.

  • You’ll be working out side by side with other members all striving for same goal. You will feed off of the spirited environment and push yourself beyond what you are capable of in a one on one setting.

  • At the conclusion of the workout we will get together for our cool down, which could include stretching, active recovery or even a discussion about the workout.
    As always your results are tracked at the end of the session to keep tabs on progress.


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