I have experienced a number of Crossfit Gym’s and I rate Thermal as the best. The real difference is the coaching. The owner, Vinny, is not only extremely knowledgeable, but he also cares about his clients and is vested in their health. It’s a friendly atmosphere that offers something for the beginner as well as the long time athlete.


Whether an experienced athlete or brand new to crossfit you should check out crossfit Thermal! I joined Thermal about 6 months ago and it has been an amazing experience. The coaches are so knowledgeable and give you the individual attention you need to reach your fitness goals. Every class is challenging and fun. The Thermal community is supportive and encourage you to be the best you can be!


Crossfit Thermal is a top notch facility with coaching to match.

Vinny is an amazing coach and really tunes in to the athletes and his/her needs. His passion and knowledge of Crossfit makes class very enjoyable. I am always challenged by each and every WOD.

The growing community is awesome and supportive – it makes you feel like you are a part of a family.

If you are thinking about testing the Crossfit waters or are in the area, Crossfit Thermal is the place to go!


Vinny provides an excellent combination of motivating a person while making the workout fun. I have been going to the gym for years but never had someone instruct me on proper lifting. In a very fun, encouraging, and supporting way Vinny made some positive corrections in my deadlift technique and I instantly could feel the difference. The Crossfit Thermal facilities are top notch.

I had recovered from a car accident in 2005 and now 9 years later am still hesitant to do some movements with moderate to heavy weight when doing back exercises. However, I felt really comfortable receiving instruction from Vinny on proper lifting technique, not pressured to lift at a weight higher than I was comfortable, and challenged in a fun way. After learning proper technique from Vinny I felt more confident in what my body can do. Next time I’ll place more weight on the bar!

The warm-up, instruction of the WOD, and the instruction on the individual activities was the perfect length of time and made me feel ready to exercise. The music at Crossfit Thermal is much better than the gym! Fun, motivating, and charged music kept me going. Even better, I didn’t have to wear any ear buds and a music player that usually gets in the way when exercising. I enjoyed the team effort in completing the WOD. Vinny has very positive and infectious energy that makes exercising fun and physically productive.

Best Crossfit Class I have ever taken!


My husband and I moved to Conshy and we are so excited we found Thermal! We had a great community back in AZ and didn’t think we would be lucky enough to find that again, but we did! Coach Vinny, Coach P, Coach Sarah and Coach KT are so knowledgable and fun to take classes with. There is a huge focus on the movements and being efficient. Programming is excellent! Love this box!



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