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Personal Training

$60 starting at

  • Guaranteed Results
  • One on one coaching
  • 30 to 60min sessions

Group Classes

$130 starting at

  • Guaranteed Results
  • Family Discounts
  • Full Time Student Discounts

Drop In


  • Experienced CrossFitters
  • Available at all Class Times

* Drop ins, please send a courtesy email to, so there our coaches know to expect you.
* 10% discount for active military and first responders
* Family Discount – 10% off equal memberships for any two members of the same household – does not apply to punch card users.

Private Coaching

For those interested in an even more personalized approach to CrossFit, check out our private or semi-private sessions. Students may take full advantage of our staffs knowledge and experience and work one on one with a coach to improve strength, skills, or overall fitness outside of the group classes. These one hour sessions are ideal for those interested in a more dedicated strength focus, or who have other individual needs.

$65 per session
$600 for 10 sessions

We accept VISA, Discover, AMEX and Mastercard

General Questions

Is there a way I can try CrossFit, before signing up for a membership?

Absolutely! Here at CrossFit Thermal, your first session is always free. During this session you can sit down with a coach who will go over the ins and outs of CrossFit. This is a great time to ask questions, talk about your goals and even get in a great workout! If you are brand new to CrossFit, this is the best way to get started. 

CrossFit is more expensive than regular gyms, why is that?

We don’t charge like a regular gym because we’re not a regular gym. We offer small group personal training with personalized attention and hands on coaching. You are constantly monitored throughout your workout, making sure that you are performing the movements safely and effectively. We keep tabs on your progress and make sure you’re reaching your goals.

I notice some CrossFit gyms are on Groupon, does CrossFit Thermal offer that?

One of the things that we are most proud of at CrossFit Thermal is our promise to offer the highest quality CrossFit experience to our members. Part of that promise involves keeping class sizes small and making sure every member gets the attention they deserve. Unfortunately with Groupon deals, both of those things can’t happen and we aren’t willing to go against our promise to our community. While you may not see CrossFit Thermal in the “discounted fitness” section, we would still love to see you and show you why an experience at CrossFit Thermal is truly unique!

If I buy a membership how many times can I come to class?

We offer several different membership options based on how often you plan to attend class. We can help you choose the right one for you, and you can always change your mind in you.

How do I know what membership level is right for me?

At your introductory session, you will sit down with a coach and go over your goals. At that time, you should discuss which membership level will suit you best. For most people 3-5 sessions per week is just right. The more committed you can be the better, but you also want to make sure you have time to recover between workouts.

What happens to my membership if I get sick or go on vacation?

At Thermal, our community is our #1 priority. Should you get sick or go away on vacation, there is always the option of freezing your membership. This is something you can speak about with Coach Vin.


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