Our Training Methodology


Programming at Crossfit Thermal

At CrossFit Thermal we have a huge amount of respect for our members and feel that we should share our vision by discussing why we do the workouts we do.

Since each CrossFit gym operates independently, the programming (the design, construction and progression of the daily workouts) and philosophy of training for one gym can be very different from the next. Here at Thermal, our goals are our client’s goals and we strive to reach them every day. Our program aims to provide improvements in both strength and conditioning, while giving clients the body composition they desire.

One of the critical components of our programming at CrossFit Thermal is our focus on training our people versus just having them exercise. We “train” our clients because what we have them do is purposeful; it is done with specific goals in mind and with measurable results. The accumulation of workouts done in a training context results in our athletes progressing toward their goals and making improvements. What we don’t do is just ask our athletes to exercise for the sake of exercise -we don’t want you just to sweat, we want you to get better and become healthier. Every movement we practice has a purpose just as there is a rationale for every workout we program.


At CrossFit Thermal, we give our athletes consistent and progressive exposure to the lifts and movements that drive our program. As an individual’s efficiency improves, we increase the intensity and thereby, the progress. While our programming offers a wide variety of movements and disciplines, we focus on smaller groups and cycle through them in 6 and 8 week periods. This method allows us to maintain the concept of general physical preparedness (the “ready for anything life can throw at me” ideal) while targeting certain movements with more frequency and variation.

We write out our programming in advance so that all of our coaches know what we’ll be doing in the coming weeks. This allows us to make intelligent and informed training recommendations to our members on a daily basis. It also allows us to adjust things if we need to and get feedback from our members. When you come to class at Thermal, we can remind you of previous weights and scales used, so that you know you are challenging yourself day in and day out.



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