Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of Crossfit Thermal. Here's how it works.

CrossFit Intro Session

Getting started at CrossFit Thermal is simple. Once you’ve made contact with us through our “get started” form on the main page, or via phone you’re ready for your one time, free, intro session. You’ll come in and have an opportunity to meet the coaches and tour our facility. During this initial session you’ll also have an opportunity to sit down with a coach and go over your goals and discuss how our CrossFit program can help you achieve them. This is the time to ask questions, get a sense for logistics and get a feel for the atmosphere. At the conclusion of the intro session, you’ll have a chance to try a shortened CrossFit workout designed for you to sample what doing CrossFit will feel like.

CrossFit Fundamentals

Once you’ve completed your intro session you’ll begin “CrossFit Fundamentals”. This is our 3 class program designed to bring you up to speed on the basic movements that you’ll be seeing on a day to day basis. These session are private or semi private and meet biweekly. Each session will focus on a series of movements and end with a CrossFit workout. This step is critical, and will ensure that you’re ready to get the most out of your CrossFit membership once you enter regular classes. CrossFit Fundamentals is included with your price of membership, so don’t worry about additional fees up front, we just want to set you up for safety and success over the long term.

Have you done CrossFit movement patterns in college / sports etc, and want to test out? Just let us know!

Dropping In From Another CrossFit Gym?

We'd love to have you come in, but please read our drop in policy here.

Need more help getting started?

No problem! We offer one on one private training in addition to our group classes, some people find this is what they need before jumping right into the group setting.



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