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Thank you for your interest in CrossFit Thermal. No matter where you're fitness journey will take you, this is a great way to start. Please fill out the form below, and lets get going!



  • Step One - Schedule Your Free Intro Session

    Getting started at CrossFit Thermal is simple.
    Schedule your intro now or call us (215-873-1049) and we'll schedule your free intro session. You’ll come in and have an opportunity to meet the coaches and tour our facility. During this initial session you’ll also have an opportunity to sit down with a coach and go over your goals and discuss how our CrossFit program can help you achieve them. This is the time to ask questions, get a sense for logistics and get a feel for the atmosphere. At the conclusion of the intro session, you’ll have a chance to try a shortened CrossFit workout designed for you to sample what doing CrossFit will feel like.

  • Step Two - Complete Your Fundamentals Course

    Once you’ve completed your intro session you’ll begin “CrossFit Fundamentals”. This is our 3 session program designed to bring you up to speed on the basic movements that you’ll be seeing on a day to day basis. These sessions are private, or semi private and are scheduled based on your availability. Each session will focus on a series of movements and end with a CrossFit workout. This step is critical, and will ensure that you’re ready to get the most out of your CrossFit membership once you enter regular classes.

  • Step Three - Join Regular Classes

    Now that you've graduated from Fundamentals, you're ready to get started in regular classes. Don't worry, just because you've been here a few times doesn't mean that the coaching stops. We will be coaching you everyday, making sure that we offer attention to your movement in class as well as assisting you with modifications that you need along the way. Welcome to CrossFit Thermal.

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