Vinny Joyce


Founder/Head Coach

USA Weightlifting Level 1
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer
CrossFit for the Power Athlete

Vinny comes from a traditional team sports background. Growing up with a healthy dose of football, baseball and hockey, he has always known athletics to be his outlet. Eventually as the outlet for team sports began to close Vinny started to use weight training to replace the void left by sports. With his early years spent in the dark, damp basement of a friend’s house, Vinny found that weightlifting, to the soundtrack of the “Rocky” movies, could be part of his new lifestyle.

Eventually after typical weight training and the routine grind of the big box gym scene lost its luster, Vinny made his way into the CrossFit world. He pushed himself to new plateaus and conquered a host of new skills. The camaraderie provided by Crossfit was completely unexpected but ended up being a major reason for him to continue this pursuit. Eager to share this passion and help others learn, he soon became a coach and over the next 2 years developed his coaching techniques through group and private sessions at CrossFit.

Over the years, Vinny has learned that being able to share the passion is as rewarding as being involved in it. He never realized how much he could affect someone else’s life in a positive way. Receiving emails and phone calls from members, thanking him for tweaking their form, helping them achieve a PR or just standing by through a grueling workout has been overwhelming. He has watched his coaching ability grow with every class coached. Being able to see and correct, as well as motivate and instruct the complex lifts, was challenging and stimulating. He continued to coach and learn from the more experienced coaches, and began to develop his own coaching style.

Vinny’s passion for Crossfit has been matched only by his passion to share it with others through coaching. Whether helping a new client gain confidence through motivation, or helping an experienced athlete with a complex movement, the rewards of working with others have always paid off.


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