Nate Labrusciano


Nate was born and raised in Lafayette Hill, just outside of Conshohocken. He grew up surrounded by sports, participating in basketball, baseball and roller hockey. As his high school career ended it seemed that his time playing sports and being competitive also was coming to a close. Nate started to develop an interest in film and specifically directing. He ended up studying film and television production throughout college. A few years later Nate’s new interest in film would bring him back to his original interest in sports, and CrossFit would be the bridge.

Nate was introduced to Vinny, and quickly made an arrangement to do film for CrossFit Thermal. Through his work within the community he discovered that CrossFit was something he didn’t want to remain behind the camera for and he quickly jumped into classes. Watching his own fitness return to him as well as his passion for sports and learning new things, he became even more interested and wanted to share his passion through coaching.

Nate received his CrossFit coaching certificate in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. He was mentored by Vinny and Coach P in the early days and developed his own style for coaching. Nate is an early riser, and has become CrossFit Thermal’s staple 6am coach. You know Nate is coaching when there is a laid back and fun atmosphere in the class and maybe even some “different” music playing throughout the workout. His personality comes out when he coaches and he is one of the most helpful and hands on coaches in CrossFit. Having worked through the scales of each movement, from the day he realized he couldn’t do a single pull up through getting his first muscle up, Nate understands the importance of milestones through progress.

“Discipline = Freedom” – Jocko Willink


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