Brian Hungarter


Brian is a CrossFit Level I Trainer and an active CrossFit athlete since 2011.

Being a lifelong athlete in a number of different sports (baseball, basketball, football, golf, track & field, etc.), I encountered a very common dilemma upon graduating college with formal athletic endeavors a thing of the past… what now? As many people do, upon graduation from Loyola University I found myself changing cities (goodbye Baltimore, hello Philadelphia), changing career endeavors (goodbye undergrad, hello law school), and most relevant here… changing athletic challenges (goodbye baseball, hello _____???).

I was able to combat the “Freshman 15” at Loyola with focus on training for baseball and meeting new friends through intramural sports and anything else active. Naturally, I thought this would be a good starting point in maintaining my fitness at Villanova. Well that was wrong.

Hitting the Nova fitness center for traditional strength-training workouts sandwiched between time on the treadmill/bike/elliptical just was not the same for me without a specific reason to train. Of course I wanted to maintain my fitness and look good (I was very single at the time), but I could easily talk myself into more studying… or trying to make new friends at the local watering hole. And don’t get me wrong, I love playing intramural sports and still do to this day, but as a primary fitness outlet? Not ideal.
Fast-forward one calendar year… I gave the “1L 15” a high-five and went on to shake hands with an even larger number. Obviously I needed a change. I needed a reason to train. I needed an outlet to make new like-minded friends, teammates even. I needed something competitive. I needed structure. While I had absolutely no idea at the time, what I needed most… was CrossFit.

First time I tried CrossFit? Walked into a local affiliate with a serious pedigree of CrossFit performance… thought I walked into the Olympic Training Center. Who are these incredibly fit people? Are they chiseled out of granite? What movement are they even doing, that looks crazy!?! Why is everyone completely exhausted after moving for 6 minutes? Can I even do this??? The common negative thoughts flooded my brain… and this does not describe my first CrossFit workout (I won’t spoil this one for you). Suffice to say, my first experience was short-lived and did not end well.

Feeling defeated, I resigned myself as many do to a sedentary life-style and focused on chasing career goals. 3-4 months passed by, I was still unhealthy and unhappy. Then completely out-of-the-blue, a conversation with a dear friend from Loyola (shouts Lindsay, you are awesome) introduced me to her brother’s new CrossFit affiliate near my apartment. Been there, done that I thought… no chance I am going. Another conversation (read: motivational speech) with Lindsay and I decided to give CrossFit one more try. No exaggeration, this was a life-changing conversation and one of the best decisions of my life.

I could go on and on with details (as if I haven’t already) about the highlights of my CrossFit journey… the personal growth and strength, the amazing friends and deep relationships, the incredibly fun fitness competitions (and road-trips/travel with unbelievable teammates), the ass-kicking workouts (in the best way), the ability to truly HELP PEOPLE, and the countless other ways CrossFit has changed my life. But I would rather leave you to create your own personal journey. CrossFit has blessed me with some of the most fulfilling experiences of my life and has genuinely made me a better person. I am positive it can do the same for you… if you give it the chance.
If you have read this far, hopefully you will allow me one genuine piece of advice. The single most difficult thing about CrossFit? Walking through the door for the first time. Ignore those negative voices in your head or negative voices from others. Give CrossFit a try. Not next year, not next month, not next week. NOW. Walk through the door one time, I promise you can do it. You have no idea how powerful that decision can be.

Hope to see you soon.


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