12 Days Of Christmas

For all Classes on Saturday 12/21

Like the song the “12 Days of Christmas,” complete each exercise in ascending order then work back down to 1, adding one exercise per round. Like this: 1; 2-1; 3-2-1; 4-3-2-1; etc – for a total of 364 reps.

1 Bar mu
2 Burpees over the bar
3 Box jumps (24/20)
4 Dumbbell snatches (50/35)
5 Pullups
6 Thrusters (115/75)
7 Kettlebell swings (70/55)
8 Back Squats (115/75)
9 Toes to bar
10 Pushups
11 Hang clean and jerks (115/75)
12 Handstand Push-ups

Happy Holidays


Wednesday November 27th, 6am, Noon, 4:30 classes and 5:30 Open gym.

Thursday November 28th (Thanksgiving) – 9am open gym, 10am Class

Friday Nov 29th , Noon and 3:30pm Classes, and 4:30 Open Gym


Tuesday 12/24, Christmas Eve – 9:30 and Noon only

Wednesday 12/25, Christmas Day – closed

Thursday 12/26, – Noon, 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 classes

Tuesday 12/31, New Years Eve – 6am and Noon Classes, afternoon TBD

Wednesday 1/1/20, New Years Day, Closed

Every Sunday – For The Rest Of The Year!!

In October you guys brought us more referrals than we’ve ever seen, thank you. Lets keep this party going….

For the rest of 2019, every Sunday will be a “Bring a Friend” day at CrossFit Thermal. No drop in fees, no marketing play – just bring em on in! Our Sunday workouts are more endurance based and require far less movement capability than a normal weekday workouts. Because of this we have decided to Open or doors to your friends!

The only thing we require is for waivers to be completed prior to taking class. Ideally you can shoot over an email with your friends email address in advance so I can send them the waiver prior to arrival. If not they can also complete it onsite at the kiosk.

The holiday season is a great time to reconnect with family or friends who you haven’t seen as much as you should, or with a new friend you’re looking to break the ice with. Why not use Thermal as your meeting place, and share what we do everyday with someone new!

Looking to earn store credit or a free month at Thermal? If your friend signs up, you’ll get just that, check out our referral program here.

Congratulations Kara – Athlete of the month

Unlike many Crossfit athletes, Kara does not have a history of excelling at athletics. She has a long history of loving playing sports, but just not being good at them. From a young age, her parents enrolled her in almost every community sports team available, probably because she needed an outlet for her boundless energy.

In order of attempt: Soccer: two seasons circa pre-K/kindergarten, one season in 8th grade Dance: several years, quit in 1st grade Basketball: one season, could not coordinate limbs enough to have fun T-ball: two seasons, enjoyed it but aged out of the program Volleyball: 7 years, actually enjoyed this one!   Gymnastics: one season Tae Kwon Do: several years, liked hitting things but didn’t have the attention span to stand still when needed Softball: four seasons, spent more time drawing in the dirt with her feet than chasing the ball, was really bad at hitting Cheerleading: attended one workshop, determined after one day that it was not for her because she had the flexibility of plywood, did not return for day two Running/cross country: 6 years, didn’t LOVE it but didn’t HATE it Hockey: wanted to do this in high school, parents said no, probably should have begged a little more, took it as a college phys ed class and was so bad that the whole class cheered when she received a pass properly (it happened once) Rugby: wanted to do this to be with her friends, parents said no, probably for the better So really, volleyball was the only “hit” (no pun intended) in her early years. She played on various community and school volleyball teams up through middle school, but when she tried out for the high school freshman squad, she was literally the only girl to be cut and not make the team. That is not an exaggeration. It was a devastating blow to her confidence, but in hindsight, it’s no surprise why she got cut – she could hit a ball hard, and could kind of control where it would go, but when it came to the typical “strength and conditioning” evaluation – pushups, pullups, wall sits, etc – she failed miserably. Absolutely tanked. While she can’t remember exactly how she did in tryouts, she has a distinct memory of only being able to complete two situps in one minute during her freshman gym final. With her first choice of extracurricular activity off the table, she joined the cross country team (no cuts there!), and while she ended up standing on the sidelines more than she raced due to persistent ankle pain, she enjoyed being a part of a team and was eager to help out where she could with keeping time at events and recording race splits and results. It should not come as a shock to know that her REAL interests were not sports. She was (still is) a self-proclaimed band geek, loved science, and found a passion for engineering after being dragged onto her high school’s competitive robotics team by a friend. She continued on to college to study engineering, and filled every second of her free time by joining her school’s pep band and joining the planning committee for a sport called “broomball”. To make a long explanation short, imagine playing hockey, except you’re outside in -20F windchill and have all of the wrong equipment – you wield a duct-taped broom and are wearing sneakers, and are chasing a rubber ball instead of a puck. On ice. Being good at hockey will give you some advantage in this sport with ball handling, but that means nothing unless you can stay upright. This is a sport that few people can excel at (Kara was not one of those people), but you don’t need to be good to have a blast. Kara may not have the sports background that many crossfit athletes do, but she found the sport in the same way that many do: she was bored. After graduating from college, Kara moved from Michigan to the Philly area and knew pretty much no one. After living a go-go-go-no-time-for-sleep lifestyle through high school and college, she suddenly found herself with nothing on her evening schedule, day after day after day. She started distance running to keep herself occupied, but after running two half marathons, she decided that braving the hot and humid Philly summers was not worth the constant dehydration. She was also having issues finding and making friends in the local area, and the top suggestions from a google search on “how to make friends as an adult” are always along the lines of “join group fitness classes”, so that seemed like a natural progression. She tried out cardio boxing (until the studio she attended closed) and then some boot camp style studio classes, but they did not feel challenging and she couldn’t seem to find an “in” with the community at the studio. One of her close friends had recently started doing Crossfit and seemed to have a positive experience with it, so Kara decided to give it a try. Unsurprisingly, she struggled with barbell movements from the get-go – not much had changed since high school, and she still had no upper body strength and no core strength (though she had since figured out how to actually do situps). She had the range of motion and leg strength to do squats, but a power clean? Oh dear. She thinks that Vinny had probably never seen a worse power clean (note that this has neither been confirmed nor denied). Despite clearly having a lot of work ahead of her, she thoroughly enjoyed fundamentals and started group classes. Her endurance started building, and while barbell movements were still a struggle, she found it immensely satisfying to be able to move weight, and was motivated by the emergence of visible muscles in her arms for the first time in her life. The first Thermal Ladies Night occurred soon after she started, and that night led to a massive camaraderie that formed among the ladies in the gym (worth the really awful hangover). Classes became more fun because she recognized more people, and more people recognized her, and she was hooked. She was initially slow to make progress and was frustrated by her lack of skill compared to the other athletes in the class, but she forged the mindset for herself that it was because she was brand new to a discipline that the people around her had possibly been in for years, so it wasn’t fair to compare, and she made a conscious decision to focus on her own growth and progress instead of lamenting about being the last to finish nearly every WOD. She started making an effort to go in on days that had her least favorite movements programmed because she knew she wouldn’t get better without practice, paid attention whenever a coach was explaining a movement to someone so she could learn as much as possible, and slowly started seeing progress. She’s not entirely sure where this mentality and attitude came from, because she had never seen it before in herself, but it allowed her to thrive and grow and it is now ingrained in her everyday life. A few months after the 1-year mark, she took a tumble off of a box while doing weighted box stepovers, and rolled her ankle…two minutes into round one of a 5 round E5MOM. Not knowing the extent of the injury while it was still hot, she and the coach were able to modify the workout so that she could still get some work in without using her foot, but it was clear by the end of the class that it was not a minor injury. It wasn’t initially clear if it was a fracture or a sprain, but ultimately, it didn’t matter which it was: it meant she would be in a walking boot for a while and couldn’t put weight on her foot (three doctors and one month later, it was determined to be a grade 2 or 3 sprain). She knew herself well enough to know that if she took a complete break from crossfit, she would never come back, and the empowerment, joy, and community that it had brought to her life meant too much to her to let it go. Almost immediately, she contacted Vinny to figure out what she could continue to do without her legs, and they came up with a list of core and upper body exercises that got her through the next three months. In that time, she added 20lb to her bench press PR, got her first three strict pullups, and completed her first Murph by modifying the workout a bit and pairing up with another athlete who was similarly injured.  Now almost two years after starting crossfit, she is still almost exclusively on #teamscaled, but she is proud of the progress she has seen in herself both physically and mentally. If you had told high school freshman Kara (freshly cut from the volleyball team) that in 12 years, she would be able to deadlift and squat her body weight (front and back), do some handstand pushups, occasionally nail a pullup or toes to bar, and be signed up for a crossfit competition…she probably never would have believed you.

Conshystuff Food Drive

We hope you’ll join us in supporting the Colonial Neighborhood Council’s food drive. Through the work of this organization and its team, over 200 families will have access to some much needed food and supplies this Holiday season.

Awesome! How is Thermal helping?

We’re going to set up as a satellite donation location on Saturday 11-23-19. We’re asking all members to bring a donation (a listed item) and show up for a fun Saturday workout. At the end of the workout, we’ll gather all the items and make one donation on behalf of our community. Check out the flyer for the needed items. We hope to see you on the 23rd in the spirit of community as we come together to help those in need.

Fight Breast Cancer With 20.3

With the CrossFit Open coinciding with Breast Cancer awareness month this year, we thought of a great way to combine our community event with a fundraising effort. First, lets all represent this Friday by wearing Pink during the Open workout! Double points for anyone clad in pink!

I’ve also set up a fundraising page through the Susan G Komen Non-profit organization. Here you can pledge donations in any amount. Just click the link below.

Donate through CrossFit Thermal

We’ll also be accepting donations in cash on Friday! Hope to see everyone out for great cause and what’s sure to be an awesome workout!

20.2 Friday 10/18/19

Tomorrow we’ll be tackling 20.2, who knows what we’ll see, but lets do in Thermal fashion!

For the evening sessions we’ll be mixing things up and going with rolling Heats vs Class times. What this means, is that you can show up anytime between 4:30 and 7:15 and sign up for a heat! Our goal for this week is to intermix the class times and get folks mingling and working out with people they don’t normally see in classes. At the same time if you only have an hour to dedicate to the Open tomorrow, that’s all you need.

For entertainment – DJ Jester will be spinning tunes from 4:30 to 8:30, stick around and have an adult beverage if you can! Also he takes requests and doesn’t bite, ask for some mumble rap or 80’s jams if that’s how you get down!! In addition our friends from “Vigorous Apparel” will be our guests with the latest in apparel and gear for purchase right at the gym!

Bonus Points – since 20.2 is all about community we have 2 social tasks that can earn you points. First option – count / judge for someone not on your team and get an extra point for you team! That means if you’re on the 4:30 squad, but you count for someone on 5:30, you gain the points. We know being around outside your normal class time is tough for some (ahem 6am crew), you can go social on the gram and get the same point added for you team! Just snap a pic post 20.2 with at least one friend #crossfitthermal #iamintheopen #bonuspoints and you’ll get the point as well. Of course just completing the workout at any time will still earn a point for you team. But technically you have a chance at 3 this week! Here’s to hoping for no thrusters in 20.2….Lets get it!

Team Scoring – How It Works

With the Open less than a week away, here is a brief write-up on how Team Scoring will work. Remember guys, this is about having fun, stoking the community and taking on these tough workouts with friends.

If you complete the Open workout on Friday during a class time, you earn a point for your team. You don’t have to workout during that time that you’re assigned (the team your own) , you just have to complete it. This will help those of us with constantly changing schedules get as many workouts in as possible during the 5 weeks. In order to score the point for participating , you’ll need to submit the printed workout sheet, these will be handed to you when you arrive, so make sure you fill out a sheet and leave it behind after you finish the workout.

Some weeks we’ll throw out some fun challenges for you to take on and earn extra points, like wearing your team colors, or coming in and counting for another class time etc.

Team Colors:

6:00 am – Custom Tees (Or Black)

Noon – White / Grey

4:30 – Blue

5:30 – Green

“Night Owls” – Red

Fall Cow Share – Details

Message From Bristol Zick of Zickview Farms;

What is “Cow Share” ?  In short, its a group of people (gym members in this case) pooling together to get a “share” of high quality beef.   We sell the meat by hanging weight, which is the weight of the carcass after initial slaughter. Take home weight is approximately 75-80% of this. Each share will break down to approximately 35% ground meat, 40% steaks and 25% roasts. For shares ¼ and larger you can have your beef custom cut, selecting which steaks and roasts you prefer. All meat is vacuum packed and labeled with cut name and weight. Steaks are packed in single packages. The meat is aged for 12 days before it is cut, vacuum packed and frozen. The meat will come frozen and will stay good for 18 months or longer if kept frozen.

We are a third generation family farm that raise grass-fed and finished Angus beef in Susquehanna County, PA. Our beef is born and raised on our farm and our animals are never given antibiotics or hormones. All our animals are pasture raised with free access to pasture spring, summer and fall. During the winter months the animals are fed stored forage
and have access to both the pasture and shelter in barns. Our stored forage consists of dry grass hay and sorghum sudan grass bale-age, both grown and cut from our fields. We do not use herbicides on our pastures or fields and only fertilize with manure. No chemicals are used to fertilize or for killing weeds.
If you have any questions call or text me at 484 994 9079.
Bristol Zick
Manager Zickview Farms

Do You Work Out On Thursday ?

Did you ever notice that Thursday WODs look a little different sometimes? Often times you see, EMOMs unrecorded components and words like “move for quality”. Well I wanted to share with you why that’s done, and how you can best benefit from training on Thursday.

Back in the day, and still now on CrossFit.com, and popular sites like Comptrain.com, Thursday is seen as a universal rest day. The thought process being – “our athletes just trained like crazy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, lets give them a light day”. We have busy members with hectic lives and we would be crazy to think everyone can make it in here 3 days in a row to start every week. CrossFit Thermal has never adopted a Thursday / Rest Day position, and we still aren’t today, but there is something to be learned about the infamous 4th day.

Here at CrossFit Thermal we program with the 3 or 4 day a week CrossFitter in mind. That’s not to say we don’t love our once or twice a week population or the 6 and 7 day warriors – we love you all equally, but check it out…

If you come once or twice a week, your fitness needle is still moving, its moving gradually and it won’t matter which two days you show up, anything you do and do well (safely and with force and intensity) will garner value for you. That being said, if you show up and do what’s written Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, you’ll need something with less relative intensity on Thurdsay, or face over training and burnout.

Our Thursday programming is customized for our community and offers a “choose your poison” approach. In the case that you showed up and went pedal to the metal Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday is designed so that simply moving though the workout will serve as active recovery and restoration. However it always has a “go all out option” too! You might be back from a long work trip and its your first day hitting the gym – awesome, go nuts!

Not everyday is programmed that way – some workouts, take “Fran” for example – a 3-5 minute sprint workout, has no value in “taking it easy” – hence you probably won’t see it here on a Thursday.

Am I saying that you should make Thursday your day off – no way! Actually the opposite, Thursday is a day for you to go at your speed, intensity is optional. Make it game day, or make about feeling good and moving with purpose.

There is a method to the madness around here and its always with you in mind.


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