Month: April 2017

This Week at CrossFit Thermal

After a great weekend event, we’re ready to get back to business; a couple things for this week.

  1.  Tees and Tanks are on the way, if you pre-ordered, look for a charge on your WODIFY acct.
  2. This week is the return of Club Endure!  Meet at 6:45 at the track – free class details here
  3. Monday – SFH Rep Tyler will be on hand for a meet and greet as well as a sampling – he should be around for all classes on Monday.
  4. Come out to Masters of the Universe this Saturday at CrossFit Generation to see Coach John’s return to competition.
  5. Deload week for Titan



During most training cycles there comes a time to back off our load and volume.  Think of it like taking one small step back in order to take a huge jump forward.  In the sport of weightlifting, we see this all the time, lifters will taper off for a competition in hopes of hitting big numbers on the day of the meet.  This week for Titan, we’ll be de-loading.  Take it down to 70% today and complete 3 sets of 5 at up to 70%.  This shouldn’t be a breeze, but it also shouldn’t be a max effort like the past 3 weeks.

For conditioning today, push the envelope a bit since strength won’t leave you destroyed.  Big (unbroken) sets of thrusters and toes to bar,  and consistent sets of double unders.

Titan Day 9
Front Squat

3×5 @70%


AMRAP in 10 Minutes
12 Thursters (75/55)
9 Toes to Bar
30 Double Unders



To be completed not for time

Strict Press – (same weight for all sets)


alternating with 

Strict Pull-ups

3-8 per round depending on ability


For Time


Kettlebell Swings (53/35)




First Lieutenant Travis Manion, 26, of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, assigned to 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Pendleton, California, was killed by sniper fire on April 29, 2007 while fighting against an enemy ambush in Anbar Province, Iraq. He is survived by his father, Colonel Tom Manion, mother Janet Manion, and sister Ryan Borek.

Seven rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
135 pound Back squat, 29 reps


* note this WOD uses burpee over bar, not standard burpees

“Death by Dead lift / Burpee”
Treating as an EMOM for a max of 15 minutes: Complete 1 dead lift and 1 burpee on the first minute adding one rep to each movement each subequent minute until you miss or reach 15 minutes.

ex. on minute 7 you’ll hit 7 deads and 7 burpees over the bar

Build up to a heavy(ish) set of 3 for the dead lift
Break down to 60% of what you hit today and use that for the WOD


“Death by Dead lift / Burpee”

max 15 minutes


Take the beginning of class to dial in shoulder mobility and movement technique. Partner up and set up barbells in the rack taking a few minutes to zero in on the appropriate weight for today. Once you declare that you are starting – that is your set. You have one shot to complete up to 30 reps using the 3 pressing movements. Start with strict press and go until you can not complete any more reps, then without resting begin to accumulate reps using the push press, again, stopping when you can no longer push press. Your last chance to get to 30 will be using the push-jerk. Let’s see how many of us can get to 30 reps!

The idea here is building capacity, don’t go for 95 pounds and only get 20 reps, be smart about the weight and make your set count.

Titan Day 8
Shoulder Capacity Work

Complete 30 unbroken reps or as many as possible using:


Strict Press (until failure)
Push Press (until failure)
Push Jerk (until failure)
* see WOD description


AMRAP in 10 minutes

15 Kettlebell Swings
10 Calorie Row / Bike
15 Wall Balls


Come and get ready for a fast Met-Con today. Hit a 1K row, then immediately move to a mostly body-weight triplet counting rounds and reps. Once we’ve broken down and recovered, we’ll spend 20 minutes today focusing on learning movement. Where are you in your Muscle Up progression? What’s holding you back?  Choose your area of weakness and dedicate time to improving.

AMRAP in 12
Row 1 K
Then in remaining Time

20 Overhead Squats (45/33)
20 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups

Spend 20 Minutes working on Muscle Up Progressions.

Pulling Strength – Pull-ups, Bent Over Rows
Kipping – Kip drills / hips to Rings / long hallow, arch
Skills, MU Transition, Kipping dips, JMU
Proficiency – Accumulate 30 Ring Muscle Ups



The Return of "Club Endure"

Looking outside today it’s hard to imagine going out for a run.  But this weather won’t last and its time to get after some running workouts!  CrossFit Thermal is happy to announce the return of “Club Endure” our outdoor running endurance class.  Classes are free to all members and will meet once per week.  These class are shorter distance interval style running workouts designed to improve your endurance and be a lot of fun at the same time.  Check out some changes and improvements to this season’s “Club Endure” and we’ll see you at the track!

Cost: Free to all members

Location: Colonial Middle School Track – 716 Belvoir Rd, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462.  The track is around the back of the school.  There will be times that we will use the track and times that we will use the field, be ready for both.

Time : Every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm starting May 2nd.


Long engine work today guys. Try to maintain a nice pace on the runs, don’t just look at it as rest. Same thing on the burpees, steady work throughout the sets.

For Time
40 Burpees
40 Toes to Bar
Run 400M
30 Burpees
30 Shoulder To Overhead (115/75)
Run 400M
20 Burpees
20 Hang Power cleans (115/75)
Run 400M


The front squat strength phase continues today with sets of 5 and 3, as well as a final set of “1 plus” at 95%.  Grind it out for 2 or 3 reps today if you can.

For conditioning, lets tackle this sprint style triplet, with some double under work to buy in.


Titan Day 7

Front Squat

5 @ 55%
5 @ 65%
5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
1 + @ 95%

For Time

Buy In 100 Double Unders
Box Jump Overs (24/20)


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