Month: January 2016


Congrats to our members of the month – Frank and Danielle!!!!

“I still remember after meeting Vinny for the first time in April of 2013, Danielle walked out of Thermal said “No Way!”. So of course I immediately signed her up for a 3-month membership. There has been some blood, sweat and tears (yes, real tears) on our drive home from the gym but it’s completely worth it. My Dad, Big Frank, at the age of 63 still Crossfits and runs and is a huge inspiration to me. He will also tell anyone who will listen that his Son and Daughter-in-law Crossfit. As a true nerd family, all 3 of us received Metcon’s for Christmas.

Thermal has helped us in so many ways, both physically and personally, we couldn’t thank the coaches and thermalites enough! #quidditchchamps”

– Frank

Frank grew up playing every sport imaginable but in high school turned his full attention to Ice Hockey, and eventually playing competitively in College. Early In 2011, tired of the globo gym scene, he took a recommendation to try Crossfit and instantly became hooked. Crossfit had to take a back seat when Frank decided to run a marathon 2012. In 2013, while playing in a Men’s Ice Hockey League, Frank broke his ankle. After being sidelined for 4-5 months he knew Crossfit is what he needed to get back into game shape.

Being 2 years removed from Crossfit for Frank, it was a little intimidating to jump back in the ring but he knew he would stick with it if Danielle would join with him. The struggle was REAL for Danielle, she went to an “introductory” workout with Vinny and Frank and it was miserable for Danielle, she was so sore afterwards. Danielle was really on the fence about going back after that so naturally Frank decided to just sign them both up for 3 months and the rest is kind of history. There were a lot of times in the first few months that Danielle really didn’t want to go back but everyone was so awesome to workout with and encouraging that she stuck with it. 2 years later they couldn’t imagine not being part of the Thermal community.

Danielle always played sports when she was younger, soccer in particular, so running was always a big part of her life. Then in college she gained the freshmen 15 (or maybe 25) and it was rough so she really leaned on running to lose the weight, then sophomore year gained it back and decided she couldn’t keep that lifestyle. She started really concentrating on running and that turned into running about 30-40 miles per week to stay in shape. When Frank and Danielle moved to Conshy, he signed up for a half marathon with his dad which was great because then Danielle had a running partner, Saturday and Sunday mornings they’d either hit the Schuylkill trail or Wissahickon for a run depending on the race that was coming up. They’ve run at least 5 broadstreet’s together, 2 half marathons, and a few 5k’s. Danielle’s first Crossfit experience (non-thermal) was the workout death by burpees, that was her first and last Crossfit workout for 2 ½ years.

Danielle and Frank have been together for 9 ½ years and being active in some way has always been important, Thermal keeps them competitive with each other and gives them a common interest to share.

This is a partner workout for time. You need to complete 60 clean and jerks, 300 double unders, and 300 sit-ups, but you may partition this work anyway you’d like. One partner is going to row 250m while the other one works. Clean and jerks are “Grace” style – power cleans and push presses or push jerks are preferred.

“Frank and Danielle”
In partners, row sets of 250m and complete for time:
60 clean and jerks, 135/95#
300 double unders
300 sit-ups

partition any how


Let’s get our swole on and find a 1RM bench! Keep those shoulders retracted and press yourself into the bench.
For the metcon, try to do a harder scale than usual for HSPUs – either get more vertical in your stink bugs or boxes, or use less ab mats on the wall. Challenge yourself! Front squats are from the ground and a squat clean to start will count (other option is a power clean and then front squats)


1RM Bench Press


3 rounds for time:
10 HSPUs
10 front squats, 135/95#
50 double unders


Team up in 3’s (ideally). These are two relay races, one starts at 0:00 and the second starts at 12:00. One person will start at the end of the gym and run about 3 mats to the first station and do 5 power cleans. Then move forward a mat to do 10 sit-ups, then move forward a mat to do 7 box jump overs (either jump on top of the box or completely over). Sprint back, tag the next person, and continue in that fashion until everyone has gone 3 times through. If you finish before 12:00, you rest. If you don’t finish before 12:00, then your extra reps will be added to that time (20 extra reps = time of 12:20)

At 12:00, setup your new stations (or before if you finish early) At 13:00, the second relay starts. Same fashion as the first relay. For Apollo Onos, Rx is 1 mat across and L+R = 1 rep. As a team, you will have two metcon times for the day.

Team relays
3 rounds (each partner) for time:
sprint 3 mats
5 power cleans, 135/95#
10 sit-ups
7 box jump overs, 24/20″
sprint back

12 minute cap

at 13:00, begin

3 rounds (each partner) for time:
sprint 3 mats
5 deadlifts, 225/155#
6 Apollo Onos
7 KB swings, 70/53#
sprint back


Take the first 10 or so minutes of class to find a max height box jump. Stack plates (not boxes) to get your desired height.

“Cindy” should be treated any way you need – some may want to scale so that you can get 15+ rounds, while others just got their unassisted pull-ups and want to go Rx. Since it’s an AMRAP, this is a safe place to experiment and challenge yourself. Scaling options include reducing the rep scheme (3-6-9 or 4-8-12) or doing assisted pull-ups with a band or ring rows, and doing inclined push-ups.


Max Height Box Jump


AMRAP in 20 minutes:
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air squats


Strength is a superset of push presses and rope climbs. Choose a weight that is fairly heavy for 5 push presses and stay at that weight across 5 sets. In between, do 1-3 rope climbs depending on your proficiency. Remember to use your legs to stand up on the rope rather than use your arms to pull yourself up. It makes a huge difference!
The metcon is a familiar format: 1 minute to get 5 power snatches done and then as many burpees as possible in the remaining time. Then rest 1 minute. Do this for 5 rounds and your score is the total amount of burpees completed. Hand release burpees simply means you lift your hands off the floor slightly at the bottom of the burpee!

Strength / Skill

A.) 5 x 5 push presses
B.) 5 x 1-3 rope climbs


5 rounds for reps:
1 min. to do 5 power snatches, 115/75#
ME hand release burpees in remaining time
rest 1 minute”


We will most likely see muscle-ups of some kind in the Open, so use the beginning of class to work on progressions for the bar and ring muscle-ups. Then we will revisit the Open workout “15.2.” This is an AMRAP that is designed not to have many rounds due to the high amount of reps per round. Use this link to read more about scaling options and look up your score from last year.


Muscle Up

Open WOD 15.2
AMRAP in 14 minutes
7 muscle-ups
50 wall balls, 20/14#
100 double unders


Take note that back squats today are PAUSE back squats – we’re looking for a 3 count hold in the bottom for each squat (“1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi”) and that count starts once you get to the bottom, not as you ascend.

The metcon is straight forward – 3 rounds for time of 15 overhead squats and 15 toes-to-bar. Scale the weight so OHS’ take 1-3 sets to complete each round.


Pause Back squat
5, 5, 5


3 rounds for time:
15 overhead squats, 95/65#
15 toes-to-bar


In teams of 2, you’ll find a 3RM thruster from the ground. You’ll use 1 bar and have only 9 minutes to do so, so you must work quickly. The thruster comes from the ground and you may either power clean it or squat clean it. If you squat clean it, you may do your first thruster from there.

After the strength component, setup your bars for the metcon. As partners, you will do an ascending ladder of clean and jerks, burpees, and box jumps. You may partition any part of this workout any way you would like. Some teams might have one person do one of each movement, then their partner does 2 of each movement, etc. while another team might switch partners after each movement is completed. You may also break up each set with your partner. Communication is key since only one person is allowed to work at a time!


In exactly 9 minutes, find 3RM thruster (teams of 2 with 1 bar)


In teams of 2, AMRAP in 14 minutes:
1 clean and jerk, 135/95#
1 burpee
1 box jump, 24/20″
2 clean and jerks
2 burpees
box jumps
3,3,3…4,4,4 etc.


Classes are cancelled today – 1/23/16


For strength, establish a max snatch. For those that prefer power snatches, do full squat snatches until you can’t do the weight, then you may go for the power variation.

For the metcon, you’ll do 10 HSPUs, 10 wall balls, 9 HSPUs, 9 wall balls, etc. down to 1 HSPU and 1 wall ball. Scale HSPUs to pike box handstand push-ups, stink bugs, or dumbbell presses.





10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for time:
Wall balls, 20/14#


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