Month: December 2015


We’ve got a serious Hero WOD to start the year guys, scale wisely.


Six rounds for time of:

30 Squats

135 pound Power clean, 19 reps

7 Strict Pull-ups

Run 400 meters


It’s the end of the year so let’s go out with a bang: 1RM deadlift! This might take up to 30 minutes, so plan accordingly. Warm up with light sets of 5 and maybe sets of 3 or 2, but get into your singles when you feel the weight getting moderately heavy.

The metcon will vary in times based on your push-up proficiency. You may want to scale to 15 or 20 reps per round. Scales can include banded back pack, elevated on a box or bar, or knee push-ups.


1 RM Dead Lift


3 rounds for time:
25 box jumps, 24/20″
25 push-ups

w/ 3 sit-ups EMOM


For strength, find your 5 rep max for unbroken power snatches. This means you cannot let go in between reps, but you may rest at the top or in the hang positions (not while the bar is on the ground, these should be touch and go style) Proper positions will help immensely.
The metcon is a variation of “Helen” – instead of running, you’ll do 50 double unders. Scale this to a number that can be done in 1-2 minutes. Then you’ll do 21 KB swings and 12 pull-ups and repeat for a total of 3 rounds. Scale for pull-ups are usual banded pull-ups or ring rows.


5RM power snatch (UB)


“Helen Will Make Ya Jump, Jump”
3 rounds for time:
50 double unders
21 KB swings, 53/35#
12 pull-ups


A simple couplet – clean and jerks + wall balls. Clean and jerks may be “Grace” style – power cleans and power jerks or even push presses. This will be as much a mental workout as it is physical.

5 rounds for time:
10 clean and jerks, 135/95#
30 wall balls, 20/14#


Take the first part of class to find a new 20RM back squat. You should not do all warm-up sets with 20 reps – rather, do sets of 5-10 and “feel” it out if you haven’t done this. Those who have done a 20-rep will know that around rep 13 it gets spicy and you will need to grind it out. If you don’t feel it around rep 13, it’s too light. Compare to 9/6/15.
Metcon is all about that vanity! Curls for the girls (and guys) and sit-ups. Do all curls first, then all sit-ups. For curls, use a barbell and be sure to hit full extension at the bottom (unlike globo-gym style) For sit-ups, standard is shoulder blades on the ground at the bottom and torso 90 degrees to the ground at the top.


20RM back squat


curls 45/33#

New Years Schedule

Hey guys, we’ll be having a shortened schedule for New Years Eve and New Years Day. ¬†Hope to see you at the box on both days.

Thursday 12/31 – 6am and Noon classes only

Friday 1/1/16 New Years Day – Team WOD 10:00am / Open Gym 11:00am


Strength is a snatch complex: hang snatch + snatch. Both parts land in a full squat. Do one complex every minute on the minute for ten sets. You may increase the weight at any point.
For the metcon, OHSs are from the ground – you may full snatch the first one to count as your first OHS. You may choose to run or row for any round; for instance you may row 250m the first round, but then run 200m the second round.


Hang snatch + snatch
EMOM for 10 minutes


AMRAP in 16 minutes:
10 OHS, 95/65#
15 toes-to-bar
20 box jumps, 24/20″
25 KB swings, 53/35#
250m row or 200m run


For today, pair up in teams of 2. Your task is to complete 90 thrusters and 90 pull-ups as fast as possible with only one person working at a time. You may partition this anyway you’d like and there are many possibilities. One is to do an alternating 21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups while another strategy is to get all of the thrusters done first, then all pull-ups (or vice versa). The work does not have to be equal between athletes; play to each other’s strengths.
Every minute on the minute, you must stop what you’re doing and do 6 burpees as a team. Again, you may partition these as necessary, so you each may do 3, or one person may do 4 while the other does 2, etc.

“Fran Gone Bad”
For time, in teams of 2:
90 thrusters, 95/65#
90 pull-ups

EMOM 6 burpees


For strength, you may build up in weight each set – these must be full squat clean and jerks (either power or split jerks) Record the heaviest weight achieved.

The meton is a rotating station WOD, like Fight Gone Bad. You’ll start with hang power cleans and get as many reps as you can in 60 seconds. The second minute you’ll do wall-balls, third minute is shoulder to overhead, and fourth minute is weighted lunges with a KB. You may hold the KB anyway you’d like. Repeat this cycle twice more. The entire metcon should last exactly 12 minutes.


1 Clean and Jerk
Every 90 seconds for 10 sets


3 rounds for total reps:
Hang power cleans, 95/65#
Wall balls, 20/14#
Shoulder to overhead, 95/65#
Weighted lunges, 53/35#


For strength, work up to a heavy 5 rep deadlift. If you’re feeling good, go for a max, otherwise just keep it heavy.
The metcon is a couplet of power snatches and ring dips. The weight should be light enough that you can string a few or do quick singles. You can scale the ring dips to box supported dips, parallette dips, or box dips.



Deadlift 5-5-5


5 rounds for time:
5 power snatches, 115/75#
10 ring dips


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