Month: April 2015


For time:
10 cleans (anyhow), 155/105#
20 box jumps, 24/20″
30 KB swings, 55/35#
40 sit ups
50 walking lunges
100 double unders
50 walking lunges
40 sit ups
30 KB swings, 55/35#
20 box jumps, 24/20″
10 cleans (anyhow), 155/105#


In honor of Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. “My husband was a warrior and a man who believed his purpose in life was to defend the freedoms that each of us enjoy today.” Erin Taylor

This workout first appeared on mainsite on July 6, 2005 (link:
Back then, there was no such thing as kipping handstand push ups or ring dips, therefore we are doing strict HSPU’s and ring dips. Use the beginning of class to work on these skills and find an appropriate scale for you. You’ll notice that your lungs don’t feel this workout as much as local muscular failure aka “why won’t my arms work??” Smart sets are vital to avoid muscle failure as much as possible. Scale HSPU’s to db or barbell shoulder press.
Immediately after you finish JT, establish a 1RM clean and jerk in the remaining time you have. You’ll want bars and bumpers out on the floor when you begin. There is a 30 minute cap on this whole workout.

30 minutes to do:
Strict handstand push ups
Ring dips
Push ups

then in remaining time, find a 1RM clean and jerk

Dead Lift Instruction

Hey guys, check out our latest instructional video.  It’s a good idea to keep these items in mind during today’s workout.


Strength is time to work on the snatch – either use the same weight across all 10 sets or increase the weight. You may also increase at first and then find a weight to stick with for the rest of the time. These may be touch and go or complete resets.
Conditioning is 2 minutes of work, 1 minute of rest, for 4 rounds. In the 2 minutes of work, you’ll do an AMRAP of deadlifts, V-ups, and lateral bar hops. For lateral bar hops, you will jump sideways over the barbell with two feet leaving the ground.
Start the next round where you left off. Your score for conditioning is the total rounds and reps for all 4 rounds. (not separate scores per round)


2 snatches EMOM for 10 minutes


2 minutes on, 1 minute off for 4 rounds:
5 deadlifts, 225/155#
10 V-ups
15 lateral bar hops


low res-2015-03-21-CF Thermal Open WOD 15.4-111021-IMG_1729


4 Rounds for Time:
1 muscle up
8 push presses, 95/65#
9 pull ups
11 box jumps, 24/20″
24 double unders

The Member of the Month for April goes to Nick L! His hard work, integrity, and support of fellow athletes have earned him this recognition as Nick really embodies the spirit of CrossFit. As a law enforcement officer, Nick’s job is to be ready for the unknown and unknowable and luckily CrossFit has helped him do that. Read on for Nick’s personal story:

So, before CrossFit I played every sport growing up then I was a skateboarder/ snowboarder throughout high school. Benching, pull ups, sit-ups and push-ups was my routine. Then one day I introduced myself to this dude walking around Bridgeport with no shirt on and flexing named…Vinny! I told him I was interested in trying CrossFit and I took a class with him. He had me try a 500m row and 20 wall balls. I was destroyed at like 11 wall balls, couldn’t finish. After that Vinny told me he was going to be opening his own box and I went with him and haven’t looked back. I gotta say that from the time I started at Thermal till now I am in the best shape ever and have set lifetime PR’s on several workouts. Last year I barely finished the Open scaled! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even do the one workout and I took a 0. This year I was determined to do better and I did hitting a PR on my clean during one Open workout and going Rx on all but one workout this year. In the last two month’s I have hit huge PR’s in my deadlift, clean, and squat which I couldn’t have done without everyone who either yells, cheers or makes me push myself for that extra rep or that first rep of a new movement. I love the community and family that Thermal is and continues to be. I need to thank Vinny for pushing me hard since day one and not letting me ease up ever, and Coach P you amaze me every time I see you lift, you are a genius at teaching CrossFit. To all the other coaches, and members, again thank you. I am honored to have been chosen as this month’s member. Good luck on my WOD!  (Significance of the numbers: 4- my bday , 8-baby Siennas bday, 9-Christina’s bday, 11- month I was born, 24-Marianna’s bday)


This week at Thermal…

Look for us to continue our linear strength progression on the back squat.

This Wednesday 4/29 – at 6:30pm we will host our first endurance workout of the season.  This class will run in conjunction with an open strength class in the main gym also at 6:30pm.  Athletes arriving for the 6:30 class will have the option of choosing between these two offerings.  All other time slots will use the daily WOD as their workout.

Thursday 4/30 – Dave Reeman will be at Thermal for body work and rub downs $20 per person.  Team Thermal Kickball also plays at 7:00.  This will be a tough game as both squads are 2-0.

Coming Soon – In an effort to combat cherry picking (and just for fun) CrossFit Thermal will have BLACKOUT WEEK.  No announced WODs for 7 days straight, come in ready for anything.  You won’t know when this is coming.  WODs may also change from class time to class time to prevent workout descriptions from leaking to later classes.

For today, add weight to the last time you did back squats. You may need to make smaller increments, even a total of 2.5 or 5 pounds this time compared to last. We want to increase the weight to follow the linear progression that most of you should be able to follow. If you CAN’T complete the first set of squats, do 5 sets of 3 at an increased weight.

For the metcon, you’ll start with shuttle run and try to get as many complete shuttle runs as possible in 45 seconds. One complete shuttle run = 10 yards or 6 mats. Rest for 15 seconds and transition to do burpees. Do this couplet 5 times – your score is total reps.


Back Squat
3×5 add 2.5-10 lbs to your last back squat


Alternating :45 work, :15 rest for 5 rounds (10 minutes) for total reps:
shuttle run, 10 yds.


For conditioning, you’ll be doing one minute intervals.  Each minute (on) athletes must complete 20 double unders and ten push-ups before starting power cleans.  Double unders and push-ups are a “buy in” to get to the power cleans which will be tallied to give you your score.


Push Press



:60 on, :60 off for 12 minutes total

20 Double Unders

10 Push-ups

ME Power Cleans (135/95)


AMRAP in 20 Minutes

10 Burpees
8 deadlift, 135/95
6 Push Jerks 135/95
4 KB snatches (L/R) (53/35)
2 Muscle-ups


Today’s strength and conditioning are done in teams of 3 athletes. First you’ll have 10 total minutes to find a 5RM front squat from the racks. Work quickly and get everyone through. Your first score is the total poundage of all 3 lifters.
After strength, there is time to setup your conditioning stations. Athlete A will run 200m and come in to relieve Athlete B who is doing wall balls. Athlete B relieves Athlete C who is doing toes to bar. Your score for conditioning is the total amount of wall balls and toes to bar added up together.

Teams will have 2 scores: one from strength and one from conditioning.


In teams of 3, establish a 5RM Front Squat


AMRAP in 12 minutes in same team of 3:
run 200m
wall balls, 20/14#
toes to bar


During skill time today, use the time to get better at body-weight / gymnastic skills.  Keep working on kipping, and getting comfortable being upside down.   Advanced athletes should work on pistols, muscles ups and handstand walks.

Conditioning is the benchmark “Jackie”, can you go unbroken for the whole workout?


Take 20 minutes to work on gymnastic skills and warm up thrusters
Can you do…
10 UB broken muscle ups
butterfly pull-ups


1000M Row
50 Thursters 45#
30 Pull-ups


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