Month: January 2015


The metcon today should be heavy, but fast. Scale so that you can string at least 5 thrusters in the set of 15’s. If doing single unders, keep to a 1:1 ratio of 90/60/30.


Take 20 Minutes to find a 2RM Front Squat


For time:
15 thrusters, 135/95#
90 double unders
12 thrusters
60 double unders
9 thrusters
30 double unders


Starting today, CrossFit Thermal will have a Saturday 11:00am session.  This session is less structured, and will allow athletes looking to improve in specific areas and an opportunity to do so without racing a clock.  Still questing after that first muscle up? Need to work on your mobility in the overhead squat? This is your chance. This is also a great opportunity for those of us entering the 2015 CrossFit Open, to round out your game and get prepared for 5 weeks of competing. Coaching will be available for those interested and we welcome anyone and everyone to find a goal and achieve it, find a problem and fix it, come in and have some fun while improving your skills and fitness.  This is a free class for all monthly and contract members.  We hope to see you there!!!

Today is a day to work on high skill movements at a reasonable pace. Results will be marked as the muscle up progression you used and the highest snatch weight used. Choose appropriate scales to work on these elements in a proficient manner. You should find plenty of time to rest each round, but don’t rush the movements. Snatches are full snatches, but if you are a beginner, do a hang power snatch + OHS or a power snatch + OHS. You may increase weight each round, but focus on form.

Here is a video of V-ups:

10 rounds for completion:

Each round is 3 minutes long. Complete the work for quality and use the remaining time to rest:
Minute 1: 3 muscle ups or 5 strict pull ups
Minute 2: 3 snatches (increasing weight each round, or ~80%)
Minute 3: 10 V-ups

1/30/2015 – "Pavan"

high res-2014-12-20-CF Thermal 1st Anniversary-114056-IMG_9364

Today we are recognizing our January Member – Pavan! We like to recognize long-standing members for their great attitude and contribution the Thermal community. First, a story from Pavan:
“I would like to narrate a little story about how I got into CrossFit and my about all the amazing memories tied with it…Here is my take on it.

It all happened over a weekend while I was driving from Conshohocken to center city. I saw the sign for CF Thermal from my car and I wanted to know more about it and later walked into one of the classes. The set-up of CF itself fascinated me so much that I wanted to take the class that very minute. The first person I spoke to was Vinny and he was kind enough to explain me all the specifics of the class. I took my first class and never looked back. It is almost a year and my passion for it grew more and more each day. During this process I have treasured some great memories working out at Thermal. In addition to weekly classes the competitions made it worthwhile to spend time here. I could feel a complete transition in myself within no time. Every class was a challenge yet a great experience to my life. One of my most memorable time is the race I ran for civilan military combine. Apart from workouts and competitions I have made a few good friends at CF Thermal.”

And from our coaches:
“Pavan shows up and gets the work done without complaint. He isn’t afraid to work on technique and knows how to play the long game. He’s an OG and in the last 30 days I feel like he has made tremendous improvements in his technique, form and style too – his lifting shoes are sweet. He’s a dedicated 630-er and loves buying shots for other thermal members.” Congrats Pavan!


skill: take 10 minutes to work on anything you need to work on


AMRAP in 15 minutes:
5 power cleans, 115/75#
9 box jumps, 24/20″
10 KB swings, 53/35#
14 hand release push ups

Coach P’s 7th CrossFit Anniversary is today. Read his “7 Things I Learned from 7 Years of CrossFit”


For strength, take the bar out of the rack like a back squat, place your hands in a wide snatch grip, and do 4 push presses and 4 overhead squats. You may either start with your feet in an OHS position or shift them for the OHSs. As for the metcon, treat each 3 minute AMRAP as it’s own WOD. Don’t game it; go hard each AMRAP. For burpees, we need to prepare for the Open and getting used to jumping to a 6″ target. Use a pull up bar, mark on the wall, or the rings as a target.


3 sets of 4 snatch-grip push presses + 4 OHS


AMRAP in 3 minutes:
wall ball shots, 20/14#

rest 2 minutes

AMRAP in 3 minutes:

rest 2 minutes

AMRAP in 3 minutes:
burpees to at least 6″ target

The Open is Upon Us….

It’s that time of year; time to put all your hard work and dedication to the ultimate test of fitness.  Welcome to the start of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.  For all of us at Thermal, CrossFit is a fitness program, it’s a community, it’s a place to see our friends.  But beyond that CrossFit is also sport.  Each year CrossFit holds a competition to crown the fittest man and woman on earth.  There are 3 levels of the competition, The Open, Regionals, and The CrossFit Games.   While winning this competition is just a dream for many CrossFit athletes, competing in the Open is very much a reality.   The Open isn’t restricted to only the elite, its and opportunity for everyone to see what pushing themselves to a new level feels like.   It’s a chance for you to “prove to yourself, that you have improved yourself.”

Each week CrossFit will announce a workout to be performed by all participants worldwide.  You’ll be given 4 days to complete the workout and submit your result.  Once completed you will be able to see where you stand against hundreds of thousands of fellow CrossFitters from around the world.  Maybe you don’t care where you stand, maybe you just want to be healthier and have some fun.    There is no better way to achieve this than throwing your hat in and participating in the Open.   PRs, milestones and breakthroughs are never more common than during the Open.  The environment in a CrossFit box during an Open WOD is like nothing you would believe unless you’ve experienced it.  Camaraderie, energy, encouragement and fun are at all-time highs.  You will make new friends, and help good friends achieve things that they never thought possible.  Sounds silly right?  Because it’s just a workout?  Sign up, and see what it’s all about…

Sign up here!!!!

Each Thursday during the Open, CrossFit will announce the workout.  CrossFit Thermal will host the WOD every Saturday.  This means that during the Open each Saturday’s workout will be that which was announced by CrossFit.   Now, if you are worried about competing in front of others, don’t even think about it, we’ll be hosting the workout privately just for our box.  The only faces you’ll see will be those of your friends, family and other Thermal athletes.  Starting at 9am will we run heats of the workout until everyone has had a chance to complete it.  Even if you’re not competing officially, you can still come in and workout with us!  We’ll keep the gym open afterwards for a social and we encourage everyone to hangout.

This time of year is really important to me, yes, of course, because Sarah and I will be meeting our daughter just in time for the Open.  But also because this is the time, that back in 2011 my relationship with CrossFit changed.  It went from a lukewarm fuzzy feeling, to a steaming hot, never quit, nothing else matters endeavor from which I have gained some of the most amazing friends and moments in my life.  Sounds silly right?  Because it’s just a workout?  Sign up and see what it’s all about…

Need more convincing that this is for EVERYONE?  – here is a quick promo from the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.  Short, sweet and to the point.


Strength today focuses on the power clean.  We want to work on stringing together moderate weight reps, while maintaining technique.  These reps should be either touch and go, or with a slight pause on the floor only to reset your grip.  Advanced athletes who reach a heavy enough weight may drop from the top and reset as needed.


Take 20 Minutes to find a Heavy 5 rep power clean


AMRAP in 12 minutes:
8 front rack lunges, (115/75)
12 chest to bar pull ups
24 double unders


****Keep an eye on this blog and the FB page in case of any class cancellations due to weather.

For the metcon, the emphasis is on FULL recovery. Each effort should take about the same amount of time. Choose a deadlift weight that is heavy, but one that you can string all five reps. Don’t round your back just to go faster!


Take 20 Minute to find your 2RM Bench Press


5 intervals with full recovery
5 deadlifts, 255/175#
suicide sprint


For strength, the power snatch will start on the ground and you’ll receive it in a power position and do 2 overhead squats. Focus on your footwork and try to land in the right position so you don’t have to shift your feet between the power snatch and OHS’s. For the metcon, you’ll start with 10 thrusters and 1 toes to bar, then 9 thrusters and 2 toes to bar, etc. til you get to 1 thrusters and 10 toes to bar.


Take 20 minutes to find a heavy Power snatch + 2 OHS


For time:
10-1 thrusters, 95/65#
1-10 toes to bar


Congrats to all the ladies who participated in The Battle of the Belles, and to our winners, Rachael and Britt!!!  It was an awesome event, thanks to Coaches Molly and Aileen for putting it together!

Find a 5 rep max back squat and then do the metcon as an AMRAP in 12 minutes, however, if you manage to get in 5 rounds before the 12 minutes is up, you’re finished! Push yourself and try to get those 5 rounds in.


Take 20 Minutes to find your 5 Rep Max Back Squat


AMRAP in 12 minutes or 5 rounds:
6 power cleans, 135/95#
12 burpees over bar
18 KB swings, 55/35#


Today’s workout is from the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games!  This workout is a good sampling of what we might see in the 2015 edition.  We see a long time domain of 18 minutes, and 3 moves common to CrossFit.  You should scale enough to allow yourself to move for the entire 18 minutes.  Your result will the total number of reps completed.


3, 3, 3 Push press


AMRAP in 18 minutes:
15 box jumps, 24/20″
12 push presses, 115/75#
9 toes to bar


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