Month: October 2014



Front Squat
5, 5, 5


Double unders
Walking lunges (each leg = 1)

Last Chance For Hoodies!!

Its time to get those CrossFit Thermal hoodies on the way, thank you to those who have place the order already.  We’ll be finalizing and placing the order for next Tuesday, so if you want in, come by and select your size and make a payment of $35.  We can take cash, card or we can charge your account.  We also just received some samples of the sizes, so if you’d like to try one on, just ask next time you’re at the box.



Alternating for 5 rounds (untimed):
a.) 3 OHS with 4 second pause in bottom (use partner to time) increase weight each time
b.) 10 barbell roll outs


AMRAP in 12 Minutes

12 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)

8 Push-ups

12 Sit-ups

Friday is Halloween!

Obviously we show up to CrossFit Thermal, to train.  But if we can have a little fun while we’re doing it, that’s even better right?  This Friday for Halloween, we invite everyone to show up in costume!  It doesn’t have to be crazy, maybe just something clever or funny if you have it on hand.  We’ll take some pics of anyone who participates and it’ll be a great way to start off the weekend!

Just as a reminder this Saturday’s competition, at CrossFit Proven starts at 9:00.  Come out and support the 2 Thermal teams throwing down to represent our gym.  Come for some, or all of the day, so you can show your support and have some fun!




3×5 Press, add 2.5-5# to last week’s press


2 Rounds For Reps 1:00 / :30 work/rest

ME Buprees

ME Wall Balls (20/14)

ME Box Jumps (24/20)

ME Calorie Row

*after 1 minute of work rest for :30.  Complete the 4 movements twice, sum of total reps equals your result.



3×5 Bench Press, add 2.5-10# from last week*


For time:
Power snatch, 115/75
Toes to bar
Ring dips

Sticking To The Program

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 1.44.56 PM

*see picture for an explanation of percentages. We want to add about 2-4% to the bar from last week. Find your 1RM on the left and move over to the highlight in that row. That is about how much you should add to the bar. A way to “feel” it out is the bar speed. If your bar speed slows down significantly, make the increments smaller. For instance, even though a 175# 1RM calls for adding 5# from last week’s 3×5 at 131.25#, if my bar speed is slow, I should only add 2.5# this week. Conversely, if you’re feeling great, or on the cusp, you may want to add a bit more. Just realize that in future weeks, you may need to add less than usual. If your 1RM is less than 100#, then add 2.5# even though it technically does not fit the formula.

The New Site!!!

The new site appears to be up and running guys.  Be sure to check the blog every evening for results on the days WOD, as well as news and events.  Feel free to leave comments and replies below.comments


Take 20 Minutes to find your 1 Rep max Back Squat

3 Intervals each for time
500M Row
20 Front Squats (95/65)
ME Pull-ups (1 set)

*Immediately after the row, begin your front squats from the ground. Then complete 1 set of pull-ups. Pull-ups should be the biggest set you can do unbroken, without losing form. Recover between each round


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