Working with a partner or solo, you’ll complete one set of 8 back squats every 90 seconds for 5 sets. Use 50% 1RM for those with “heavy back squats” new athletes or lower 1RMs can go 55-60%.

For conditioning today, lets work on some “griptastic” capacity work. Turn off your the part of your brain that tells you to drop the bar and HANG ON!!!!


Back Squat x 8


For Time
50 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
*every break 10 burpees
50 Dead lifts (135/95)
*every break 20 air squats


Lets up the ante today – after 3 straight weeks of pull-up practice can we get a couple first time bar muscle ups? No problem if not – we’ve got some drills and a great workout in store today.

For our Met-con today lets take a run at an old Open workout! 16.3 is a tough sprint couplet of power snatches and bar muscle ups. While for many of us bar muscle ups are out of reach, we will scale to C2B Pull-ups or Pull-ups as needed.

Bar Muscle Up Practice
A. Standing Drill x 3×5
B. JMU Drill x 3×3

Reebok CrossFit Games Open

AMRAP in 7 Minutes
10 Power Snatches (75/55)
3 Bar Muscle Ups


AMRAP in 20 Minutes

Run 200M
8 Toes to Bar
8 Front Squats (95/65)
8 Box Jumps (24/20


Start out with some heavy thrusters from the rack today – build to a heavy double.

For conditioning break up into teams of 2 and alternate between barbell work and rowing. Each time an athlete completes 3 rounds of the barbell work switch movements. Your score is your total number of calories in 12 minutes.


Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy 2 rep thruster from the rack.


In teams of 2
AMRAP in 12 Minutes

Partner A. Row for Calories
Partner B
3 rounds of
5 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
10 Dead lifts


“Filthy Ass Fifty”

For Time

50 Calorie Row (50/40)
50 Overhead Squats (45/33)
50 Bar Facing Burpees over empty bar
50 Pull-ups
50 Strict Press (45/33)
50 Toes Through Rings

time cap 30 minutes


Today starts with pairing kipping HSPU with some front squat work. Keep the weight moderate so that you can focus on the gymnastic element but still hit some strength work on the off minutes.

Scale HSPU using skill transfer exercises and positional work upside where possible

EMOM x 10

A. Front Squat x 5 @70%
B. Kipping HSPU x 10


AMRAP in 12 Minutes

12 Push-Jerks (155/105)
8 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)


Lets get right after some interval work today guys, basic movements today so we should get in and start quick. Record your slowest time, aiming to go unbroken on KBS and Wall Ball shots.

For accessory work, experiment and work with a coach to find the right loading for these movements. This is accessory work designed to help with our pulling and core strength – make it count!!

4 Intervals Each for Time

Row 250/200
10 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
15 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

rest as needed between each

Accessory Work

EMOM x 8

A. 20 Russian Twists (weighted or unweighted)
B. 8 Bent Over Rows (DB or BB)



2 Rep Hang Squat Clean

Take 15 minutes to establish a heavy


For Time

Power Snatch (115/75)
Toes to Bar

*50 double unders between rounds and to finish

*cap 12 minutes


Building on what we did last Monday, vertical pulling strength and capacity is the goal. Revisit the pull-up hierarchy from last weeks post if you need help on deciding what movement to do for the EMOM.



EMOM x 15

A. 5-7 Strict Chest To Bar Pull-ups
B. Barbell Overhead Carry x 2
C. :45 Weighted Plank

AMRAP In 10 minutes

10 Dead lifts (135/95)
10 Burpees Over Bar
10 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
40 Air Squats



(not for time)

Back Squat (BW / 3/4 BW) + Push-ups

Set 1 – 5 + 10

Set 2 – 6 + 10

Set 3 – 7 + 10

Set 4 – 8 + 10

Set 5 – 9 + 10

Set 6 – 10 + 10

*super set these movements resting as needed between each.  Complete all sets in a 20 minute window scaling push-ups to a reasonable number or adding weight to push-ups if necessary.


5 Rounds For Time (Cap 18)

15 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

15 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)

15 Sit-ups



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